With inspiration cultivated from personal experience, academic settings, and travel- artist Kurt Gardiner is nationally known and well rounded in the art world. Specializing in, water colour, and pottery- Kurt is able to produce quickly and precisely just about any style of work. With acknowledgments from Greensboro College in North Carolina, NCAA National Magazine, solo shows across the Carolinas, Virginia, D.C., California, Texas and Florida, Kurt is quickly catching the attention from critics and fans alike.  

Kurt grew up in North Carolina in a military family with brother, Keith, who acts as his agent. The combination of playing sports their whole lives and having a military ethics in their blood, only adds in their determination and success. Completing his undergrad education in 2008, Gardiner received his degree from Greensboro College with a major in painting and minor in ceramics. Next he and Keith traveled the United States, Kurt has had the privilege of working amongst world known artists and had the honor of observing highly skilled potters from Seagrove, N.C. Kurt’s imagination, superior technique, drive and ability is constantly pushing his art in new directions.

Constantly working towards fresh ides and new bodies of work, 

Kurt accepts commissions and travels greatly to produce, learn, and be challenged as an artist. 

  Bachelor of Arts, Greensboro College Greensboro, NC ( 2005-2008 ) 



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